Safeguarding against Security Threats from Inside

Security is not only important for tangible and physical components of the organization. It is also meant for the intangible factors like that of cyber security.
Data is meant to be sensitive to users as well as the organization. Hence data is mostly password sensitive. Furthermore there is software downloaded for data protection, as it can be hacked or can be stolen from the user. The organizational risks are majorly associated with protection of cyber data.

For these, there are certain set of actions taken:
·  Usage of pen drives or other data storage device at the workplace
There are certain organizations which have stringent rules in regard to data protection and hence prevent their employees from using devices that prove as a threat to the organization in terms of cyber security.

·  Phone usage while at work
Some organizations also prevent the usage of cell phones on the work floor. People may think that this is in regard to prevent distraction at work, which may be one perspective. But, this is mainly because of the fact that cell phones nowadays also have the facility to hack into data servers and systems. Lockers are provided to all the employees for storing their devices and it is made sure that the facility is made use of by a physical security device. It shall detect the phone existing with the employee and penalizing them for not complying with relative rules.

·  Use of personal device such as laptops
Most of the organizations limit the usage of personal devices for work. One such device being the laptop also proves as a threat to data privacy or cyber security. The major concern is that data can be hacked by usage of laptops too. Hence, security personnel of a few organizations are strict even for visitors who might carry their laptops for presentation purposes.

·  Usage of tablets
Usage of the mightier version of the cell phone can also prove as a risk in terms of cyber security and data hacking. As tablet of the latest software support all such facilities which might prove as a threat to the cyber security norms of an organization. The similar locker treatment is offered to this gadget too.

These habits and norms have not evolved over the night; they have been formed after technology came into existence and started growing and changing over time. There were problems when technology usage had begun in various workplaces. These were in regard to its protection. There was misusage of data and hence the concept of data sharing was curbed at various offices.

All measures are taken at the managerial level so that cyber security is maintained and incidents do not occur to breach the norm.

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